Announces Partnership with Microfund in Togo is excited to announce a partnership with Microfund, continuing our expansion across the African continent.MICROFUND is a microfinance institution created on March 21, 1998 with the aim of facilitating credit operations and savings mobilization. Its principal challenges are to combat poverty in Togo, to increase the revenues of marginalized populations in cities and the country, and to research financial partners to provide institutional support and loan funds.

The mission of MICROFUND is to provide financial and technical assistance to the economically active poor active in rural, peri-urban and urban environments, who are unable to access the formal financial sector (most notably banks), by offering them high-quality financial services through autonomous and local cooperative structures. We've received many requests to expand our reach to micro-entrepreneurs from more African nations, and we're very glad to be adding Togo to the list of countries you can loan to. 

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