announces partnership with Action Now Kenya is pleased to announce our newest Kenyan partner, Action Now Kenya:
Action Now Kenya is a local Non Governmental Organization formed and registered in 2001. The mission for ANK is to build capacity of street communities and those at risk by developing innovative interventions in Health, Education and Enterprise development, aimed at supporting sustainable livelihoods.

The objectives of ANK are:

1. To facilitate the establishment of Enterprise development activities in the areas of Micro-finance and entrepreneurship training.
2. Facilitating the provision of basic health care through health awareness campaigns, and health support programs.
3. To design educative programs and activities that suit the unique needs of street communities and those at risk.

ANK reaches out to and works with marginalized communities and especially women living within the streets and slums of urban centers. ANK is currently working with various women from different slums in Nairobi, including those from Kibera, Kiambiu, Mukuru, Karen/Karinde slums, and the Dagoretti villages. ANK is also working with selected former street women.

The goal of MED is to reduce the incidence of poverty among street women and those at risk by facilitating the establishment of enterprise development activities in the areas of Micro-finance and entrepreneurship training.

ANK has so far been able to reach out to about 2000 women both from the streets and those living in various slums in Nairobi. Out of these, ANK has facilitated about 150 women to set up revolving fund groups of 10 members each that are all operational, while another 200 women are in the process of setting up their groups. All the members of these groups have been able to individually access small loans in the range of Ksh. 4,000 to Ksh. 10,000. ANK has also managed to disburse loans in the range of Ksh. 10,000 – 50,000 to 8 of the operational groups to enable the groups to meet their credit needs.
The purpose of HIP is to facilitate easier access to basic health care support for street women and those at risk together with their children, through health awareness campaigns and health support programs.

ANK has so far designed and implemented the HIV Awareness Project (HIVAP) & the HIV & Enterprise Support Project, through which it has reached and trained over 650 people, most of them women, girls & youth, on HIV related issues.

The goal of the Education Support Program is to educate and disseminate information on various issues to the ANK clients, in order to build their capacity and enable them to improve their livelihoods.

ANK under the Education Support Program implemented the Engagement for Empowerment Project (EFEP) during 2003 - 2004. This project aimed at building the capacity of women to effectively engage policy makers. Through this project, ANK reached out to and trained 150 street women and those living in various slums in Nairobi.

ANK works in collaboration with various like-minded Organizations including: Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children Rights (KAACR), FEMNET, Kenya Aids NGOs Consortium (KANCO), National Aids Control Council (NACC) and the National Council for NGOs. ANK also works in partnership with Mama Cash, Global Fund for Women, COSV, the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF) and with various Government agencies in order to achieve its objectives.
We are pleased to be expanding our East African partnerships and connecting Kiva Lenders with more entrepreneurs from this region. Happy Lending!

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