Don't forget will be featured on Frontline World tomorrow night!

Call your friends, call your neighbours, email your whole address book! Frontline World will feature on the first program of their new broadcast season, airing tomorrow night. Tune in to Frontline World on your local PBS station tomorrow evening to see - on TV! - the team in San Francisco, some of our original entrepreneurs in Uganda, and watch the process of getting a new loan approved, posted, funded and delivered via's website. Frontline World have put a lot of work into capturing the story on camera (including shooting on location in Uganda - pictured at left) and we can't wait for the world to have an opportunity to get a closer look inside
Click here to see program schedules for major cities, and instructions to find scheduling details for your area. And tell everyone you know!

(Note: The Frontline World homepage lists this program as "Burma: State of Fear". Please note this is the headlining story for this program which includes three stories within one hour. The story is titled "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way" and one other. Click here to read the program description and watch a preview of the show. 

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