An Interview with the Village Bank President

Last Week, I have the luck to meet Colette Faye, who is not only the president of Caurie's Village Bank but also one on the most nice and hard-working woman, I have met so far.
She welcomes us in her house (she had built herself) and tells us about her story and how microfinance had help women in Senegal.
Hope, you will enjoy this video as much as I appreciate my time spent with Colette:

In the video, she mentionned Aminata Tamba and her prize, you can learn more about her on this page (it is in French): 
Nio far

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Fred-éric Bergheimer

Born in Paris to a Tunisian mother and a German father, Fred was raised by a nanny from Benin and the only boy among five girls. Thanks to his parents, at the age of 16 he has already traveled across 5 different continents, opening his mind to different cultures. After a Masters degree in Management, he discovered the concepts of Sustainable Development and microfinance. Having finished his MBA in Sustainable Development, he worked for 6 months at a legal office besides taking courses at the legal school to finally obtain a Master in private law. Afterwards, he worked for 2 years at an insurance company as a Project Manager working on the group strategy towards Sustainable Development. Unfortunately, he still felt a void in his work life, lacking fulfillment and sense of purpose. Then, he discovered the Kiva Fellows program of Kiva: travelling abroad, encountering people, trusting people, giving meaning to his work. Now, he is both thrilled and frightened to live this whole new experience as a Fellow for CAURIE in Senegal.