The First Two Weeks

Wow.  We're pretty excited about what's happening with the API thus far. Within a couple of hours of the launch we saw the first use of the API on a blog and in the first week there were four API toolkits for accessing the API in a range of languages. Here's a couple of other things that popped up that caught our eye:

In related news, we're opening up the wiki to editing now. All you need is a pbwiki account (or OpenID) to get started.  Most of the pages are editable.  In particular, we hope that people will add to this list of Applications, Widgets, and Analyses as they discover or create new things on top of the Kiva API. Thanks to everyone who has helped make the first two weeks such a success!  Keep the innovations coming...



Loved the application along with the Iphone app which is really cool. Cheers for your initiative and keep up the good work.

Love the app! I went through it myself, then went through it with my daughter, and we both picked activity based alerts, but seriously different activities. \n\nVery cool thing to have done.\n\nHelen

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