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This is build.kiva.org, our brand-spankin'-new destination for developers wanting to build and extend the microlending platform we've created at Kiva. Over the next few months we plan to shape this into a hub for builders, mashers, and other creative types looking to make a difference in the world through loans to the working poor.  Here you'll find news, discussion, and documentation around the Kiva API and other tools we provide to developers. You'll also be able to connect with other Kiva Developers, share your ideas, and keep up with activity going on in the developer community. Moreover, this is a place where you can help us shape the Kiva API.  You'll find our API roadmap and evolving designs on our Wiki, and we expect these to change in direct response to your participation in the community. This site is yours too – let us know what needs to change and how we can make it a more powerful tool for everyone building Kiva.  (If you like what you see so far, help us give thanks to our designer-friend, Omar Lee.) We're excited you're here. See you in the forums and the intertoobes.



Hey all, I love it! What a really pleasant surprise! I have started poking through some of the data, and have created a preliminary network map of your borrowers and lenders. http://www.howweknowus.com/2009/02/03/kiva-micro-lending-offers-api/\n\nBest!

I desire to help poor and impoverished people as well and have a similiar idea. How could I help kiva and glean from your wisdom. I wanted to start something like this with family members that seemingly were coming to me when they needed financial assistance. I thought of an idea for everyone in the family to pool monies together and when a need arose we could borrow from ourselves and pay it back. Well I went to an Attorney and he seem to think it was a foolish idea that could pose a potential problem within the family. but I still think somehow it could work. I desire to start a 501C3 but I understand it cannot benefit me or my family, but if they are part of the staff in place they can be considered staff. I hope I am making since. Can you offer my some insight into how you got started and how I can possibly assist you in your endeavor.

Stefan, thanks for pointing that out-- I fixed it!

Skylar, Omar, and all at Kiva,\n\nCongrats on the launch - it's a very cool development!\n\nFrom the beginning, Kiva showed that small loans have a tremendous impact. Here's hoping that many small hacks are equally transformative. Well done, I'm excited to see what happens next.\n\nBest,\nNate

Nice. I'm looking forward to this App.\nBut the link to the open source project is broken!

recently had a conversation wit a consultant at red cross& red cresent international in chengdu china, they have a program for giving matching funds or close to what govt compensation for loss of a home, which is half of what is needed to replace there home. the quake victim can get a loan after they have replaced there home, there are no construction loans available or bridge loans available in china. so 90% of those qualified for matching funds won't be able to get those funds. Because they can't complete the home with out a loan. Any sugestions?\ncontact roland@disaster-relief-shelters.org

Really looking forward to seeing this application....our Kiva Fellows are too! Keep up the great work - we can't wait.

This is fantastic. For myself, I know I've been toying around with ideas on how to started on some projects like this but unsure how to begin. This is definitely that start and can't wait to get started. Thank you and congrats!

Hi Halle--thanks for writing this great piece. An update on this project--as stated we're about 80% there. I wanted to reach out and ask if there are any developers out there interested in helping us finish it up. I think it will take about 5 hours or so of dev time. If you're interested, email me at lforrest at gmail dot com. Thanks!

interesting, but you need to expose transaction capability to developers. its my understanding this isn't possible today which means there's no financial incentive to build applications on kiva?

I think what you are doing deserves a big thanks. The idea that you can connect a farmer in africa with an iphone in london or australia so they can get a loan is better than any bank will do to connect peoples real needs. \n\nIt could catch on and become 'the' main way to fund most things and therefore bypass all banks one day?\n\nall the best with your application!\n\nBoyd

This seems really cool. I already have somethings in mind.

I can't find any updates in the last 6 months on this project. Does anyone know if it is still coming?

This is a great step in the right direction. Kudos to the KIVA Team. Another feather in your already feather-filled caps. I greatly look forward to the expanded API.\n\nNow it's time to see what WE can do with this.

My company, 3rdWhale Mobile is focused exclusively on building mobile apps for the health/green/social justice sector. We have built apps with Greenpeace, Brave New Films, GenGreen Life, SoCap and others. Would be interested in lending a hand on this project and also to perhaps bring some Kiva content to a new social entrepreneurship app we are looking to build. Please contact me if you are interested.

<strong>Complete(?) Kiva Network...</strong>\n\nI wanted to offer up an image of the complete(?) network after all of the kind interest in the preliminary network map I put together yesterday.\nFrom the feedback yesterday, I learned my lesson and have linked to a high-res version of the image.\n......

Kiva application is very useful for us to share the data that we want for others. This application is all we need in accessing the data that we want to get. so that we can find flaws that we can.

Kevin,\n\nYou've raised a really good point, which is that Kiva's Field Partners charge an interest rate to the entrepreneurs who receive Kiva Loans through them. This is a really important part of the model without which these microfinance institutions could not be sustainable.\n\nSustainability is a really important part of microfinance, and Kiva aims to support strong microfinance institutions that can achieve sustainability so that they aren't forced to rely on charity to help the poor. Ideally Kiva's Field Partners one day graduate from Kiva debt capital to other forms, perhaps bank loans which they can comfortably afford or even savings if they become registered to receive deposits. \n\nKiva is funded mostly by donations made by Kiva Lenders when they check out, but we don't give lenders the option to also make a donation to the microfinance institution to cover their costs of facilitating the loan (which include conducting due diligence on the borrower, disbursing the loan and collecting repayments.) These costs are not insignificant, and without the work that the Field Partners do Kiva just would not be able to work - we don't have people on the ground in each country in which we operate, we rely on our Field Partner staff.\n\nSo, interest charged to the entrepreneur is an important and necessary part of the sustainability of microfinance, which is one of the characteristics which make it such an attractive poverty alleviation. Can the poor pay interest? We know that they can - the repayment rate is very high, and very basic investments in a small business can, and often do, double or triple profits that entrepreneurs make.\n\nTo be clear, however, as part of Kiva's due diligence process with any Field Partner we look into the charges they apply to each loan and we do not partner with organizations who charge an interest rate which is exorbitant, considering both the region and the product.\n\nI hope this helped to put a little context to the issue, and explain why interest rates - and sustainability - are very important to us.\n\nFiona Ramsey\nKiva Public Relations Director

I want to know more clearly about Kiva, because the explanation given is not clear and can not be understood fully. I hope there are more writings on the application and how to use this application.because this application have many benefits.

Many countries are using mobile phones instead of computers to access the internet. I have reserved the domain name kiva.mobi for future development of a mobile site. At this time, my own personal skills are pretty limited to wordpress with mobile themes, but if it would help please let me know and I'd be happy to set it up.\n\nI've contact the CEO through the lender messages section to transfer the domain name to the Kiva organization, or I am happy to host it.

I hope there are so many other applications that can help me in using software to help my work. but I think this application good enough in helping me. but I want expect other more applications to support my work.

Bogus. Me and my friends have supported Kiva, but now we know that the \"NGOs\" that distribute OUR money are demanding fees and interest. Sounds like banks, not NGOs. We are not funding bogus NGOs so they can make profits off of OUR money. When WE loan OUR money, We expect NOTHING in return. My friends and I are going to look for a real charity that does not rape its recipients like banks, the IMF and WB do.

Why not make a mobile web site instead? Then more then just the iphone can use it.

This is an important step and an example that I hope gathers more tranction in the non-profit sector. Kiva.org chosen not to be limited by a silo-specific definition of its mission. As important, it has chosen to do so by extending its reach across communities technologically. It would be great if Apple opened iTunes up as a micro-payments platform for non-profit organizations. It would be great if the YouTube model could be melded into a backend for a standardize platform for video documentation of socially and environmentally conscious non-profit mission. Well, short of more \"change\" coming soon and in amble measure, more of use and the organizations we support will need to develop the open, enterprise-class information archtecture that will be needed to heal this planet. We can do it with just the sort of strategic approach to technologic as this API bespeaks.\n\nGlenn White

This page and the project page both look fine to me in Safari. What trouble did you run into?

This was a fantastic news and something we have been hoping for. Since you launched the API last week, our team created an alerts app called KivaAlerts.com, as a way for Kiva lenders and to-be-lenders to keep track of loans that are of most interest to them. Its super quick and we hope it will help drive more lending activity as a result of bringing it to users' attention on a regular basis right in their inbox.\n\nI have tweeted it and shared on Facebook as well and would love to see if I could connect with you to understand the best ways to spread the message. Please let me know as soon as you get a chance.

Is this native app still an active project? Is this something people still want?

bonjours, \nje suis directeur d une micofinance dans la ville de yaounde au cameroun, \nje souhaite avoir des plus amples renseignemets sur les conditions de devenir field parteners.\n\nnous avons plus de 2000 membres et le protefeuille credit de plus de 350.miilions frans cfa\n\n\npersonne de contact FOUEPI Martin \n\ntel 237 77 75 96 51\n\nemail. mfouepi@yahoo.fr

i am president of the sonora sunrise rotary club. my club is exploring microfinancing options as a project. with whom may i speak directly? jim

I found Kiva App on iTunes Store, but when I tried to install it on my iPhone, it said the app had disappeared - does anyone know what the current status is?

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